Responsibilities Toward Clients

      1. All projects (buildings, units, and services) are under the guarantee as per the market trend and common rules
      2. Clients will always be able to complain about any part or components of their units
      3. Mostly, in the first year, no maintenance for any used facility; it is changed by new one
      4. All properties we sell are managed by us in the first year, through our office in the same building
      5. Maintenance teams are very closed to the building, and they will reach within the most suitable duration
      6. Complain system is reachable through your mobile, land line, computer, telephone, fax and other communications channels all over the 24 hours.
      7. Every building has its own watchman who manages any issues on time.
      8. Client will have the full choice to make any modifications in the flat while building is under construction.