To employ capitals, experience, knowledge, technology, standards, and most recent practices in developing better returns for the company and its projects’ stake holders.

Real Estate Development

To provide a variety of real estate units that will satisfy most consumers’ needs, abilities, and expectations. Same time, to keep providing the better possible quality of units that suit the local and international standards in the field.

Our Teams

To elect, employ, and train our employees by providing them with all necessary professional skills for the best business practices that cover the requirements of our activities and satisfy our customers’ needs.


To create, organize, develop, and program public relations network in all potential economic sectors that are related to real estate development and investment, for utilizing the same to support the company, its clients, and target groups.

Strategic Partners

Creating a solid base of strategic alliances in the financial, marketing, tourism, media, real estate, engineering, consultant fields, where all will be selected based to our general strategy and objectives: Creativity & Quality.


Market trends will be always considered. However, value-added concepts, practical use, technological applications, and life style touches will continue to be the basic objective for Ibtikar.