Ibtikar Investments is seeking in all of its studies to raise the credibility of the results of the study by relying on as much as available resources about the project subject matter of the study, and ensure the credibility of such information by analytical comparison, and linking the results with information bank available with the company, in addition to the experiences of the those working in the fields of studies and researches, and be in touch wit the strategic associates of IBTIKARs in the financial, marketing, architectural, legal, and real estates fields.

In order to achieve the credibility method, the following resources are considered the basis of studying the project in addition to the results of analyzing such sources:

1. Ibtikar Investments.
2. Governmental Management to the location of the project.
3. Engineering Management of the company.
4. Published printings related to similar projects.
5. Investment & real estate companies developing similar projects in the location of the project.
6. Official publishing of the trends of the local economy.

شراء شقة بالشارقة

7. Group of engineering consultancies project.
8. Group of contracting companies which are interested in constructing buildings.
9. Group of real estate marketing companies.
10. Group of real estate brokerage companies.
11. Studies of previous real estate projects.
12. Studies and researches published about the real estates market in United Arab Emirates.