Selection of Your Property

In selection a property for long or short run investment, experiences have shown some criteria that are mostly applicable to any property aiming to measure to what scale a property is valuable for an investor? Some of those criteria, but not all, are:

1. Location compared to the centre of the city.
2. The city where the property is .
3. Quality level of construction.
4. Location to water side.
5. Nature of investment.
6. Return On Investment (ROI- 15% is excellent)
7. Internal Rate Of Return (IRR- 20% is very good)
8. Developer of the building.
9. Roads and sub-roads to the location.
10. Interior design.
11. External Design.
12. Real estate sector indicators.
13. Payment method.
14. Ownership procedures.
15. Services available in the property.
16. Services provided by the developer.
17. Maintenance availability.
18. Financing possibilities.
19. Parking availability.
20. The external environment around the property.
21. The infra-structure where the property is developed.
22. Average age of the property.